Will I Make The Basketball Team Quiz

Can you impress the coach and get on the team? Take this tricky b-ball quiz to find out!

It's your final year at Sprontamento High and you're trying out for your school team: the mighty Sprontamento Pangolins.

The only problem is you need to impress sports coach Hank P. Dryshorts - and he's notoriously grumpy. So you'd better ace this quiz!


Coach Hank picks you out and asks you how many players are on each team in a normal basketball match. How do you reply?


Coach Hank tells you to drop and give him 5 million push ups. What do you do?


Coach says NBA stands for National Basketball Academy. What do you do?


Coach has put you on the spot again. Which one of these is not a real NBA team?

Totally Random Question

Would you ever go on a protest march about something you felt strongly about?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.
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Which of these is most important for doing well in basketball?


Coach Dryshorts says when you're in defense, you need to disrupt your opponents attack and transition into an offensive play. What on earth does this mean?

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Slam dunks used to be illegal because of concerns about safety. True or false?


Coach Dryshorts starts telling you his long and boring joke about the ice skating aardvark he met on holiday. You've heard it 100 times already. What do you say?

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