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Wizards vs Lizards!

They're both great, but which is best?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 26th 2016

Round 1: Biting

Wizards aren't particularly known for their strong jaws - a lot of them are old, and have teeth that would just slip effortlessly out of their gums with the slightest stress. Lizards, though, are super biteyWinner: LIZARDS!

Wikimedia Commons

Round 2: Magic!

Being magic is the whole point of a wizard, while the whole point of a lizard is - you know what, we've no idea what the whole point of a lizard is. But it's not magic! Winner: WIZARDS!

Wikimedia Commons

Round 3: Tongue length!

In a tongue length-off, the wizard might as well not even show upWinner: LIZARDS!

Wikimedia Commons

Round 4: Changing colour!

A chameleon effortlessly and beautifully changing colour outdoes pulling a rabbit from a hatWinner: LIZARDS!

Wikimedia Commons

Round 5: Writing books!

Oof, lizards are letting themselves down hereWinner: WIZARDS!

Wikimedia Commons


Lizards win 3-2! Hooray!