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Smash This Women's Euro 2022 Quiz In The Back Of The Net!

How much do you know about Euro 2022?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 22nd 2022

It’s 2022 and the best teams from across Europe have gathered in England to compete for the hotly contested Women’s Euro’s. It doesn’t matter if your not Spanish, French, Norweigen, English, Northern Irish, Austrian or whatever, there’s a team for you to get behind! The women’s Euro’s will see some the greatest players in the world come head to head! We can’t tell you who will win, but we can tell you that this Quiz is champion!

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1/10 What colour kit do England play in?

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2/10 Which team isn’t playing one of England’s group matches?

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3/10 What colour kit are France playing in?


What is the nickname for the England team?

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5/10 Vivianne Miedema plays what for orange kitted team?

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6/10 Sveindis Jane Jonsdottir is one of the games hottest talents. What island does she play for?

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7/10 Chelsea’s Pernille Harder has been nominated for the Balloon d’Or three times. What scandinavian team with a red kit does she play for?

8/10 Eiffel Tower

Picture Clue: Marie Antoinette Katoto has scored over 100 international goals. Who does she play for?


Which country is defending their Europeans Champions title?


Who is England’s new captain in the Euros?

Oh dear! You’ve been knocked out in the group stages. If you were the manager you’d be sacked! Have another go to get further!

Semi Finals. Not bad! You’ve got to the semis. Why not have another go to see if you get to the finals! Come on you whites/reds/blues/greens depending on who you support!

Second Place So cruel. You were so close to winning but lost on penalties. Have another go to see if you win this match next time! Remember: Practice makes perfect!

European Champions! You’ve won the Euro 2022 Finals. What an awesome performance! You have become a legend?