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15 Incredible Wonder Woman Fun Facts You Never Knew!

Think you know everything about Wonder Woman? Think again!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Wonder Woman is a total icon in the world of superheroes. To celebrate her contribution to the fight against utter baddies, we’ve rounded up some of the more unusual facts about her life, heroic powers and taco-making skills. Wait, what?

Wonder Woman was born in an unusual way!

Her mother Hippolyta sculpted a baby out of clay, which was then turned into a girl by Athena. And that girl was, you've guessed it Sculpture Girl, a hero to all arts and crafts enthusiasts! Only joking, it was Wonder Woman.

She might not look it, but Wonder Woman is quite old!

Her first appearance was in a DC comic in December 1941 – 80 years ago! – and she can be seen fighting alongside the Allies in World War 2. In the movie, the storyline was changed so that she found herself in the middle of No Man's Land in World War 1!

She's had all kinds of different jobs...

Wonder Woman is no stranger to the world of employment. She's worked for the US Air Force, NASA and she's even owned a clothes shop, Di Prince's Boutique, in New York City. We're not sure if if sold golden tiaras and red boots, though. Probably.

Why have we posted a picture of tacos?

In one story, this absolute legend didn't have any money and took a job in Taco Whiz to earn a wage. She used the experience to not only learn about the food industry, but about humans in general. Just think, she had superpowers and had free Mexican food, too.

The latest movie is the sixth film in DC's Extended Universe!

Wonder Woman 1984 is set 29 years before the Superman film, Man of Steel. So now you know.

Her lasso has an awesome history!

Her Magic Lasso was made out of Aphrodite's Magic Girdle, and then her goddess pals gave it special powers which made people tell the truth if they were caught in its lopp. Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marston, was involved with an early version of the polygraph, the lie detector machine!

Here's a fashion fact!

While her earth-based alter-ego Diana Prince has worn all sorts of dresses, Wonder Woman herself has never worn a skirt during her 80-year superhero career!

Her golden wristbands aren't any old golden wristbands...

They're actually made from bits of Athena's shield called the Aegis. And the wristbands are bulletproof – pretty useful if you're going to fight in World War 1 – they're also used to protect other people from her amazing powers!

She's named after a moon goddess!

Not only that, her godmother is called Diana. What a coincidence. In Greek mythology, Diana was a goddess of wisdom, war and... crafts.

Her dad is quite a powerful chap!

In later comics, it was revealed that Wonder Woman's father is actually Zeus, the King of the Gods! No wonder she had lots of cool skills and power!

There are two comic book versions of Wonder Woman!

There's the New Earth version, which started in the 80s and then there's the most recent one, Prime Earth Wonder Woman. That started in 2011.

What's with Wonder Woman's invisible jet?

While her means of transport is undetectable to mere earthlings, her jet can actually be anything she wants it to be – all thanks to technology that's definitely not available in the shops.

Her fighting style is a bit like martial arts...

So much so, that Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot describes the superhero's moves as 'Wonder Fu'. Fair enough!

Wonder Woman facts

Wonder Woman had a bit of a shock in 2013!

She first tasted ice cream, as depicted the comic Justice League #3. It turns out she's a bit of a fan of the frozen dairy treat.

She's appeared in both Lego Movies in various ways...

There are three different versions of Wonder Woman in The Lego Movies: a Lego version, a Duplo version and the Lego DC Superhero Girls character. Full marks if you spot all three next time you watch the films.

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