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World Book Day Quiz

If you love books then World Book Day is your day. Find out about it with our World Book Day Quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 2nd 2021

World Book Day is coming! Can you answer these questions about the OFFICIAL World Book Day authors?


The author Robin Stevens is famous for being a fiendish expert in which subject?

Amelia Fang | Laura Ellen Anderson | Egmont

 We love Amelia Fang! She's a spooky character created by genius author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson. But what is Amelia Fang? 

Captain Underpants | Dav Pilkey | Scholastic

Dav Pilkey's hilarious book "Dogman" is just £1 on world book day. What is his other superfunny book called?


Who writes the thrilling teen-spy, Alex Ryder books


What's the name of the title character in Matt Haig's World Book Day book? 

Onjali Q Rauf | The Day We Met The Queen | Pan MacMillan

We love Onjali Q Raúf's book The Boy at the Back of the Class. Complete the title of her World Book Day book: The Day We Met...


What's the unexpected title of the new Supertato book?


Complete the tagline for Mohammed Khan's amazing book Split. Stand Up. Be Seen...


DJ Greg James and Newsreader Chris Smith wrote a book about Kid who?


Who publishes Beth Reekles' The Kissing Booth: Road Trip?

So what if you've not heard of any of these books. It doesn't mean anything at all! The whole point of World Book Day is to discover new and exciting book after all. So get on down to your nearest library and start reading!

Hooray. What a great score! You're a Wolrd Book Day expert but that doesn't mean you should stop reading and do something else now. There's literally millions of different books to discover.

Winner. You know so much about world book day it's crazy!!! Have you ever considered writing your own book. Who knows... Maybe one day you'll become a World Book Day author yourself.