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World Book Day: What Kind of Storyteller Are You?

What sort of story will you be reading on World Book Day? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 11th 2022
1/7 A man holding a stopwatch

How long will your story last?

2/7 A big armchair

Where do you prefer to read your story?

3/7 A woman playing trumpet

Do you add sound effects while reading your story?

4/7 A couple using props

What about the use of some amazing props?

5/7 A mime

Do you ever improvise parts of your story?

6/7 A girl about to eat an apple

Can we have snacks while you read your story?

7/7 A woman in a Hijab holding a book

Would you encourage readers to add their own ending?



You love to read funny stories and will do anything for a laugh!



Your love to read a story that goes bump in the night!



Why would you read a story that makes everyone sob?


We're not sure what your story is about, or why you've wearing a watermelon crash helmet – but it's fun anyway!