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Will You Reach The Final Of This World Cup Quiz?

Finally! A football quiz the whole world can enjoy! Click here to find out how much you know about these famous World Cups!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 3rd 2023

The World Cup has been going for a long time, and each competition is an absolutely massive deal. We've collected some of the toughest questions that will really test even the biggest footy fan. Do you think you'll be able to take home the trophy on this extra-tricky football quiz? Brush off those World Cup trivia skills and get ready for kickoff, it's quiz time!

*blows whistle*

1/10 A football trophy and boots

When was the first ever World Cup?

2/10 An old muddy football

Has England ever won the World Cup?

3/10 A football in the back of a goal net

Who has a "hand of God"?


In 2010, an octopus predicted the winner in 4 out of 6 matches. What was the name of the octopus?


What country did Pele play for?


Who organises the World Cup?


How many times have Germany won the World Cup?


Has an Asian country ever won the World Cup?


The 2022 World Cup was in Qatar. How do you pronounce Qatar?


What's this horn thing called?

Oh dear! Well, it's a game of two halves... and you seem to have found the rubbish half. Better luck next time! Your options are have another go at this and see if you can score higher - or just try a different football quiz! We have loads more!

Ooooh! Not bad! This score isn't bad at all... pretty good, in fact! You definitely know a good amount about the World Cup! You did get a few questions wrong though, so you might want to have another go if you'd rather score higher. Otherwise, let's take a punt at another football quiz!

Ooooooooh it's a goooooooall!!! Nicely done - this is a very impressive score, well done! Phew, you really do know your World Cup trivia! Unfortunately you JUST missed out on full marks, but never mind. Can you beat this score on a different quiz? Let's find out!

GOOOOOOALLL! Wowee! You really know your stuff! This score is perfect - there's literally no way you can improve it! Well done... do you think you could beat this 10/10 score on a different football quiz? We have lots more, so why don't we find out?