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Will You Beat This World Cup Winners Quiz?

Some countries have lifted the cup much more than others, but how much do you know about the best of the best?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 20th 2023

It’s the dream of any player to lift the world cup for their country - not many people in the world can say that they’re champions but will you be the champion of this quiz? Do you know Lionel Messi from Geoff Hurst? Or your Birgit Prinz from Megan Rapinoes? There’s only one way to find out, so grab those boots and see if you can handle the pressure! It’s on, will you lift the trophy?


What is the name of the World Cup Trophy?


Who won the 2022 men's World Cup?


Who is the captain of England’s 2023 women’s squad?


How many teams take part?


Which team which shares a name with a nut has won the cup five times?


When was the first men’s World Cup?


Who won the 2019 women’s World Cup?


Who captained the Argentina squad in the 2022 World Cup Final?


Which star player at the end of the alphabet, helped France win the 1998 Men's World Cup?


Pele is a legendary world cup winner, but who has scored just as many international goals for Brazil?

Uh oh! It looks like you’ve gone out in the group stages! This probably isn't exactly what you had in mind but don’t worry, no team starts out at the top, it takes practice and commitment! So brush up on some of the best of the best and have another go! At least you don’t have to wait another four years with this quiz!

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Nice! You’re really getting somewhere now! Well done, you’ve made it out of the group stages, but not quite past the quarter finals! Don’t worry though, some of the best teams that have competed in the World Cup get knocked out before they’ve even gotten started! So why not take a deep breath, strap on those quizzy shin pads and get back out there!

Awesome! You know almost all that there is to know about the winners of the World Cup! Well, almost everything, but what would be the point of knowing everything, most of the fun comes from learning new stuff right? Unless of course you just want to show off! In which case, why not have another go and see if you can get full marks - commitment and practice is the most important part of football after all!

Epic! You’ve done it! If this quiz was the World Cup you’d be there with your teammates lifting Jules Rimet high above your head! Take it all in, you’ve beaten this quiz in style, which is pretty impressive. Why not check out some of the other quizzes on the site and see if you can ace them too? Congrats, just watch as your Fifa rating goes through the roof!