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World Geography Quiz

You know this big rock we live on? The one floating in space? Find out how well you know it with this epic geography quiz!

Are you ready to prove that you’re an expert about everything on our big, spinning rock? 

Check out these world geography quiz questions!


What's the name of the longest river in the world?


Where is Kazakhstan?


Which of these countries is the biggest?


Which of these ISN'T a real country?


This is a tricky one. Which of these sentences is true?


Where is this place?


What do you call the line that runs all the way round the world?


Where is the Amazon rainforest?


Which of these is a real desert?


There are more people living inside this circle than outside of it. True or false?

11/12 A capital city in the southern hemisphere

What is the southernmost capital city?

12/12 A capital city in the northern hemisphere

What about the northernmost capital city? 

Oh dear! Have another go?

Hmmm… not too shabby! You can do better though!

Good job! You know your stuff!

Amazing! Are you a geography teacher or something?

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