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World War 1 History Knowledge Quiz!

Can you get full marks on this World War 1 quiz to end all World War 1 quizzes?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021
1/14 War dates obscured

When did WW1 start and end?

2/14 Poppies

Poppies are a symbol of war, and of remembering the dead. This tradition started in World War 1, but why?

3/14 A pointy army helmet

The officers of which army wore helmets like this?

4/14 A virus gif

As well as a massive war, there was also a pandemic from 1918-1920. What was the disease called?

5/14 An image of a soldier in World War 1

No side in WW1 bothered to make helmets for their soldiers until 1915, because they all thought the war would be over soon and it would cost too much - even though tonnes of soldiers were dying of head injuries. Before 1915, what did soldiers wear on their heads?

6/14 A statue of a horse and soldier

How many Indians fought for Britain during World War 1? (Remember - India was part of the British Empire back then)

7/14 A big tank

Why are tanks called tanks?

8/14 A big explosion in World War 1

In 1917, the British set off the biggest explosion of the war in a secret network of tunnels underneath the German lines. The explosion was so big, you could hear it in London - but how many people died in the explosion?

9/14 A green cloud of gas

Poisonous chlorine gas was first used in WW1 as a weapon. Before soldiers were given gas masks, what were they told to do to protect themselves from gas attacks?

10/14 Soldiers in a trench

World War 1 is most famous for what kind of warfare?

11/14 A tank in WW1

What was Big Bertha?

12/14 An old man

The Ottoman Empire was a big player in WW1, but it fell apart after it lost the war. The Ottoman Empire was mostly in which modern day country?

13/14 A horse

8 million horses died in World War 1. True or false?

14/14 A war memorial

The total number of people that died in WW1 - on both sides and both civilians and soldiers - was a gigantic 40 million. Nowadays, most historians view it as...what?

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