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Would You Have a Slime Bath?

Scientists have found out how to make slime bath bombs! Would you have a slime bath?

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  July 27th 2017

What? Tell us more!

That's right, a group of scientists have been putting their brain power to good use to combine their love of slime and bath time into one amazing invention – the slime bath bombWant to turn your tub into a vessel of warm, bubbly, oozing slime? It's simple: run a hot bath, chuck a one of these in and wait and watch as the ball slowly dissolves with a fizz and leaves your bath water all gunky and slimyWhat's even more amazing is that you'll feel clean and smell amazing afterwards – unlike slime you'd find under a bridge in your local park.There's four to choose from... Take your pick from one of the following...

Dark Arts

The Hogwarts of bath bombs – although you won't need a sorting hat to tell you where you belong – it's the tub!Wingardium splashiosa!

All Things Lush UK | YouTube

The Big Sleep

If you want a nice relaxing soak in a bath of slime, The Big Sleep bath bomb is the one for youIt smells of lavender and tonka – whatever that is – and will make you feel totally chilled out, even though you're sitting in what can only be described as bath slime

Life Of A Lushie | YouTube


As everyone knows, marmalade is the king of breakfast spreads – and this is the perfect slime bomb for all toast fans!Basically, if Paddington was going to have a slime bath, he'd be hard pressed to pick anything other that this bubbly, orange mess

All Things Lush UK | YouTube

Green Coconut

Even though this will make your bath totally gooey, the Green Coconut is the equivalent of lying on a beach – but a beach where the sand has been replaced with slime!It smells amazing, too – just think of tropical fruits and a pinch of cinnamon!

All Things Lush UK | YouTube