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Can You Smell This WWE Catchphrases Quiz?

This Rock-solid WWE catchphrase quiz is the best of the best... and that's the bottom line!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 21st 2023

There are a lot of legends in the WWE hall of fame... and that means a lot of quips, one-liners and zingers! Whether they're classic putdowns, one word slogans or just a kind of shouty noise, it's up to you to see if you can pair these catchphrases with these awesome wrestlers!

Are you up to the challenge? Then step into the quiz ring!


Who's catchphrase is this? Hint - their dad also used to say it!

WWE Network |

Nobody is ready for... who?


Who is the the Trail-Blazin’, Eyebrow Raisin’...?


Who's is this catchphrase?


What is Hulk Hogan's catchphrase?


Who might the champ be?


Which polite wrestler likes to say this?


And who says this?

WWE Network |

Finish the Rock's catchphrase off! "Can you smell..."


Ok let's finish on a tricky one! Who said this?

WWE Network |

Yikes! This score is not your best work! You'd better watch some WWE compilations and then have another go at this quiz, because you can definitely do better than this! But if you don't fancy it don't worry - we have lots of other quizzes for you to try!

WWE Network |

Pretty good! You really know your stuff! You must've watched a lot of WWE - and that's no bad thing! You did get a few questions wrong though which is a bit of shame. Do you know where you went wrong? Have another go if you want to score higher!

WWE Network |

Nicely done! The Rock is very pleased with this score (honest)! You certainly know a lot about WWE superstars, past and present. You only missed one or two right answers - so well done! Do you think you can beat this score on a different WWE quiz? There's only one way to find out!

WWE Network |

Wahoo! Amazing! Queen Sharmell definitely looks happy at this score - and she should be, you got 10/10! Fantastic work - a perfect score, well done! Now, can you match this score on a different WWE quiz? We have lots more for you to try!