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Name These WWE Wrestlers Or You're FIRED!

So you think you know wrestling? This is the best name-that-wrestler quiz on the internet - and that's the bottom line!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  September 2nd 2022

Can you tell what The Rock is cooking? Is your wrestling knowledge Stone Cold? That's right, we've collected 10 of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and we're asking you if you can work out who's who! Now, not all of these wrestlers are household names so you'll have to be a real WWE fan to get 100% on this quiz - but we're sure you are!

Ready to get going? Let's enter the ring!

World Wrestling Entertainment |

Let's start off easy! Name that wrestler!

World Wrestling Entertainment |

Who's this?

World Wrestling Entertainment |

And who might this be?

4/10 A wrestler
World Wrestling Entertainment |

Next up, it's... who?

World Wrestling Entertainment |

Who could this WWE legend be?

World Wrestling Entertainment |

And who's this chap?

World Wrestling Entertainment |

She comes from the world of UFC and is an Olympic athlete. It's... who?

World Wrestling Entertainment |

Next! Let's name that Wrestler!


Now who's this?

10/10 A wrestler with a champion's belt
World Wrestling Entertainment |

Last one! Who's this champ?

Result: Bah
World Wrestling Entertainment |

Nooo! This isn't a very good score at all! Have another go? Apollo Crews here looks very disappointed! Harumph! If you don't fancy it though, dont worry - we have plenty more WWE quizzes and other sporty stuff to have a go at!

Result: Pretty Good
World Wrestling Entertainment |

Not bad at all! You do know a thing or two about wrestling, and have the skills to back it up! You did miss a few correct answers though and Apollo Crews is looking a bit disappointed. He can be like that though. Have another go? Or why not try a different WWE quiz?

Result: Nice work
World Wrestling Entertainment |

Nice! Kofi Kingston is very pleased with this score - but then again, he's pleased with most things! This is a good result though, nice work! You just missed out on the top spot though, so if you want to get 10/10 you'd better have another go! Otherwise, let's try a different WWE quiz!

Result: Full marks
World Wrestling Entertainment |

Fantastic work! You really nailed this quiz - full marks! Kofi Kingston is very pleased, and even though he's usually pretty happy this is still a very impressive result! Now, can you get 10/10 on a different wrestling quiz? There's only one way to find out!