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Try This Scorching WWE SummerSlam Quiz!

It's one of the biggest dates in the wrestling calendar - but how much do you know about this slam-tastic WWE event? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 19th 2024

Of all the WWE wrestling events, Summerslam is one of the biggest and best! It's a whole lot of slams, throws, grabs and flips! Have you been following the storylines, heroes and villains of WWE this year? Well here's your chance to test your knowledge of this wrestling TV scorcher!

WWE Summerslam | WWE | Kevin Dunn | Paul Levesque

WWE Summerslam is...

2/10 A bear next to a map of the USA

What US city hosted Summerslam in 2024?

3/10 An American football player

If you said Cleveland - you were right! The venue is their football stadium. What's the name of their football team?

WWE Summerslam | WWE | Kevin Dunn | Paul Levesque

Which WWE event is bigger than Summerslam?

5/10 Golden Gate Bridge

The first ever Summerslam was held at a place called Madison Square Gardens. Where is this famous venue?


Which of these moves did the Miz do to Logan Paul the year after they teamed up?

7/10 A Hulk Hogan lookalike

How many times has Hulk Hogan lost at Summerslam?

WWE Summerslam | WWE | Kevin Dunn | Paul Levesque

In 1992, Summerslam had it's biggest ever crowd. How many people came?


Which of these is not a real commentator?

WWE Summerslam | WWE | Kevin Dunn | Paul Levesque

Who is Jey Uso's twin brother?

Bah! This is not the best resiut... Logan Paul is shaking his fist at you for this one! Well let's go back and prove him wrong - have another go at this quiz and we'll see how much you've learned about WWE Summerslam! Or you can always try a differnt quiz if you'd rather!

Pretty decent! Logan Paul thinks this is an alright score... but you can probably do better than what he thinks you can! Do you think you can score higher than this the next time round? Have another go or try a different WWE quiz!

Wow! What a score! Tegan Nox is really impressed - you nailed this quiz! You almost got 100%! It was just one or two right answers you missed out on. Never mind! But let's see if you can beat this score on a different WWE quiz! You can do it!

Woah! Fantastic score! You know absolutely everyhing there is to know about WWE's Summerslam! Great work - you got every single one right! You can't beat this score - but you might be able to match it on a different quiz! Ready to try another?