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Year 5 Maths Quiz!

Test your numerical skills in this tricky Year 5 maths exam!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Good luck!

1/10 A woman surrounded by equations and numbers
Isola dei Famosi via Giphy

What is 4.64 + 3.21?

2/10 A young student looking pleased with himself after solving a maths puzzle

What is 99 – 73?

3/10 A bearded man giving a big old shrug via Giphy

What is 64 ÷ 8?

4/10 A girl standing in front of a chalkboard

Kate has 8 boxes of 12 football stickers. A friend gives her another 27 stickers. How many stickers does Kate have now?

5/10 A man counting on his fingers while his friends laughs in the background
Achievement Hunter via Giphy

Write the following in figures: 14 million five hundred and forty four thousand six hundred and twenty seven

6/10 A girl writing in her exercise book

What is 5g in centigrams?

7/10 A woman writing a big number on a chalkboard
Hidden Figures | 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment via Giphy

What is 7cm² in mm²

8/10 A girl works out a maths problem on a wipe board

What is 18km in metres?

9/10 Eliud Kipchoge gives you encouragement
Virgin Money London Marathon via Giphy

Eliud Kipchoge runs a marathon in 1hr 59 minutes. How many minutes is that?

10/10 A girl writing on a chalkboard

What is 22 x 5?

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Oh no! Better luck next time!

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Great stuff! You did really well!


Genius! You know your stuff when it comes to maths!