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Your Drawings This Week – Monsters, an Ed Sheeran Disguise and Fishing for Pokémon!

This week you drew us some haunted houses, monsters under the bed, some fabulous Yeti nails, scientific experiments, disguises for a secret agent and things for a fisherman to catch! Check out some of our favs!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2021
  • Spooky haunted house with a ghost, mummy, vampire, zombie, blood and some monster arms
  • house haunted by pacman and ghosts
  • A green slime monster under the bed who just wants to be friends
  • a tiny worm under a bed who is roaring very loudly
  • a yeti hand with angry birds painted on his nails
  • A yeti hand with rainbow painted nails that spell the word CAKE (also a ring with an exclamation mark on it)
  • A yeti's hand with painted nails that spell the word BUM!
  • A scientist growing the beginnings of a Dennis Jumper
  • A secret agent disguised as a green super hero
  • A secret agent disguised as a Pirate saying Ahoy
  • A secret agent disguised as an Ed Sheeran
  • A secret agent with glasses and a moustache covered in pizzas
  • A secret agent disguised as a monster with a moustache and lots of spikes
  • A fisherman surprised to have caught Gnasher the dog in a lake
  • A fisherman shocked to have caught a poke ball
  • a fisherman alarmed to see a Magicarp on the end of his line