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Your Drawings This Week โ€“ Space Pikachu, Pirate Sheep and an Ice Queen!

23 May 2017

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  March 9th 2021

This week you drew some sick sheep, weird wormhole explorers, mad monarchs, beautiful blasters, mega manes and tripping tomfoolery for Calamity James! Check them out!

  • Sheep wearing a fez and sunglasses
  • A sheep in a top hat with a monacle
  • Pirate Sheep
  • worm coming out of a wormhole in space
  • A space camel
  • Pikachu in space!
  • Calamity James tripping over a Squelchy
  • Calamity James tripping over a four-leafed clover
  • Bear King
  • Otter King
  • Ice cream Queen
  • Alien King
  • Zombie king
  • Nerf Gun shooting lasers with a jellyfish launcher on the top and some spikes
  • Nerf Gun with fire coming out of it
  • Lion with platted hair and Jo-Jo Bow and the words I LOVE PINK on his back
  • Lion's mane with eyes and many limbs
  • A Lion with a black and red striped mane