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Your Drawings This Week – Space Pikachu, Pirate Sheep and an Ice Queen!

23 May 2017

This week you drew some sick sheep, weird wormhole explorers, mad monarchs, beautiful blasters, mega manes and tripping tomfoolery for Calamity James! Check them out!

  • Sheep wearing a fez and sunglasses
  • A sheep in a top hat with a monacle
  • Pirate Sheep
  • worm coming out of a wormhole in space
  • A space camel
  • Pikachu in space!
  • Calamity James tripping over a Squelchy
  • Calamity James tripping over a four-leafed clover
  • Bear King
  • Otter King
  • Ice cream Queen
  • Alien King
  • Zombie king
  • Nerf Gun shooting lasers with a jellyfish launcher on the top and some spikes
  • Nerf Gun with fire coming out of it
  • Lion with platted hair and Jo-Jo Bow and the words I LOVE PINK on his back
  • Lion's mane with eyes and many limbs
  • A Lion with a black and red striped mane