Zayn Malik Quiz!

How much do you know about this former One Direction star? Test your brain files now!

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How do you really spell his first name?

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Before becoming a pop star, what did Zayn plan to do?

Image by The X Factor | ITV

Who woke him up at 4am for his first X Factor audition?

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In which city was Zayn born?

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How many sisters does Zayn have?

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Which of these have you been using in the past week to keep in touch with friends?

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Zayn has a lightsaber tattoo which was done with glow-in-the-dark ink. True or false?

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Which song did he sing at his X Factor audition?


When did Zayn officially leave One Direction?

Image by RCA Records
Image by RCA Records

What was the name of Zayn's first album after leaving One Direction?


Which member of Little Mix was Zayn engaged to in 2013?

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