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Zelda Quiz That’s As Hard To Beat As Ganon!

This Zelda Quiz will require all three virtues of the triforce to complete!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 11th 2022

If you love gaming, you’ve probably heard of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda. If you’ve played The Legend of Zelda you’ll definitely know it’s one of the BEST GAMES EVER. It’s now time to put all that gaming to good use, get your Linking caps on, and try to defeat this extra-specially hard Zelda Trivia Quiz. It’s as hard to beat as Ganon, himself!


Where is Zelda from?


What three virtues make up the Triforce?


Which tree protects Holodrum?


What is the main setting of Triforce Heroes?


What sits at the top of Koholint Island’s highest peak?


Who created Ancient Robots?


Who are the pixie-like race who inhabit the forest?

Super Mario | Nintendo

In which game featuring Mario, do the Occoo also appear?


9/10 What colour eyes do the Sheikah have?


What is The Blade of Evil's Bane?

Ganondorf says you have failed this Hard Zelda Quiz! Try again to get past his wrath.

Impa, protector of Zelda, says you have done “Not too bad!” Try again to gain the courage to continue without her guidance!

Link says “Great work” and he knows a thing or two about Zelda. Well done. Have another go to see if you can complete the quiz without his special abilities!

No-one will ever read these words as this Zelda quiz is way too hard. If you are reading this then you have totally smashed this REALLY HARD ZELDA QUIZ!