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10 Question ZHC Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

How much do you really know about this artistic Youtube and TV celeb? Test yourself with this quick-fire trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 16th 2022

Can you prove you're a ZHC expert in just 10 questions? Let's find out!

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Ok, back to the quiz!

@zhc | instagram

What does the Z stand for in ZHC?


Which of these art styles is ZHC most famous for?

@ZHC | Youtube

Which of these people has ZHC worked with?


ZHC's surname is Hsieh. How do you pronounce this?


Where is ZHC from?

@zhc crafts | youtube

The challenges on ZHC's Crafts Youtube channel are mostly... what?


Which of these is the biggest influence on ZHC's art?

@zhc | instagram

ZHC helps run the Art Alliance. What does Art Alliance do?

@zhc | instagram

Who's this on the right?


What kind of animal is Zach's pet Dax?

@zhc | instagram

Oh dear. You're not much of a ZHC expert! Tough luck. Try another quiz?

@zhc | instagram

Not too bad! Your ZHC skills could do with a polishing though - have a go at a different Youtuber quiz?

@zhc | instagram

Good work! You know loads about ZHC! Can you beat this score on another arty quiz?

@zhc | instagram

Woah! You know everything there is to know about ZHC! Excellent work! Can you get a high score on another Youtuber quiz?