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Data and insight policy statements for Totally Random Questions

For kids

When you take quizzes on you will sometimes see extra questions appear during a quiz which we call ‘Totally Random Questions’. Here’s a bit about them to help you understand how they work and what we do with the information:

  • you don’t have to answer them
  • you aren’t being specially selected to answer the question
  • your answers won’t be connected to your name so no-one knows who you are when you answer
  • we will never ask your name, date of birth or address
  • sometimes you’ll see the word ‘sponsored’ on them. This just means that another company may have paid Beano to show this question so that they can find out about all the things that you and your friends are interested in

For parents & guardians

When users of take quizzes they are sometimes served additional questions on a random basis which are not necessarily related to the quiz being taken. These are labelled as ‘Totally Random Questions’ and are also referred to as ‘TRQs’.

All information gathered from ‘TRQs’ is anonymous. No personal data is collected or stored in this process and the data collected is not used to profile or target a child as it cannot be linked to an individual. Aggregated and anonymised data may be shared with 3rd parties.

The questions asked via ‘TRQs’ may sometimes be sponsored by 3rd parties so they can better understand the opinions of our audience at an aggregate and anonymised data level. When a TRQ is sponsored it will be very clearly marked as so and all questions are audited and approved by Beano Studios insight professionals before publication. Use of the website does not require any user to respond to TRQ questions and they are completely optional to answer.

In setting TRQs, Beano Studios is seeking to understand the likes, dislikes and trends within its audience base. This is used to inform editorial decisions and to help 3rd party brands improve their propositions. Beano Studios takes data collection and analysis extremely seriously and complies with all relevant GDPR (EU) and COPPA (US) regulations.

For more information please see our privacy policy.