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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: July 14th 2022

Bring an extra BANG to your books!

The fourth edition of a new kind of Dennis and Gnasher adventure book is now on shelves! Introducing this Beano boomic (BOOk + coMIC = BOOMIC) Super SLIME Spectacular!

In this latest adventure, Dennis, Gnasher and all of their Bash Street School friends decide to conduct a risky experiment to create the ultimate slime. What could possibly go wrong?

Don’t miss Dennis’s Manual of Mischief: jokes, pranks, tricks, facts and homework, penned entirely by Dennis himself. What’s more, you are invited to discover the unique BOOM-box, full of awesome special effects which will make the words jump right off the page (and into your ears!)

Chapter by chapter, we’ve designed this awesome BOOM-box soundboard to be played alongside SLIME Spectacular. When you see a sound effect or an action in the book, press the matching button to hear what it sounds like.

With 14 chapters, Boombox 4 has 112 sound effects that bring the fourth boomic to life! Play sound effects alongside all 105 pages of the book to hear the terrifying groans of zombie veggies, the grumbling mumbles of Dennis’s haters, and the squeamish squelches of garden creepy crawlies, in this digital toy.

If you want more Boom-tastic content, check out the Boombox Soundboard for Dennis and Gnasher’s first Boomic adventure, “The Battle for Bash Street School”, the awesome Boombox 2 Soundboard for the amazing Boomic sequel, “The Abominable Snowmenace”, or the Boombox 3 Soundboard and the third Boomic “Attack of the Evil Veg”!