How Well Do You Know These 00s Movies?

How much 2000s movie trivia do you know?

How Well Do You Know These 00s Movies?

Image by Shrek | Dreamworks | Aron Warner John H. Williams Jeffrey Katzenberg| Andrew Adamson Vicky Jenson

Why does Shrek rescue Fiona in Shrek (2001)?

Image by Finding Nemo | Disney Pixar | Graham Walters| Andrew Stanton

What's the dad called in Finding Nemo (2003)?

Image by Chicken Run | Aardman Animation, Pathe Productions | Peter Lord, Nick Park

What are the chickens trying to escape in Chicken Run (2000)?


In Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets, (2002) how does Voldemort communicate with Ginny and Harry?


In Prince Caspian (2008) how do the children get to Narnia?

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Image by Aquamarine | 20th Century Fox | Susan Cartsonis | Elizabeth Allen

Which 2000s film was about a Mermaid who befriends some humans?


Winning London (2001) stars which famous Twins?

Image by Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper | Lions Gate Home Entertainment | Jesyca C. Durchin Jennifer Twiner McCarron | William Lau

Which of these is NOT a Barbie film from the 2000s?

Image by Coraline | Focus Features | Bill Mechanic, Claire Jennings, Henry Selick, Mary Sandell | Henry Selick

In Coraline (2009) which animal can talk?


Who stars in Ella Enchanted (2004)?

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