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10 Beach Facts You Really Have to Sea!

There's only one thing more fun than a day at the beach – and that's these awesome facts about beaches!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  August 29th 2022

After a 12 week tour of everything Beanotown has to offer, Phil E.S. Dogg is now at the beach for a day of blamazing fun and relaxation! While he's building a sandcastle, we've rounded up some awesome facts about beaches around the world!

1. Everyone in the UK is fairly near a beach!

No-one in the UK lives more than 80 miles from a beach – less than two hours – which is pretty awesome if you think about it. Just think, that's 120 minutes from an ice cream, sand (or pebbles) and some lovely fresh air. Not to mention seagulls dive-bombing you for some chips.

2. Forget sand castles, someone built a sand hotel!

A sandcastle in a long jump sandpit

In Dorset, a lot of time and effort went into creating the world's first-ever sand hotel. It took 1000 tons of sand and around 600 hours to make. It measured 4 metres high and was built knowing that the rain would eventually wash it away. Fun idea though!

3. That spiky grass on sand dunes has a special name!

Ever stood on the grass at the beach? Bit spiky, isn't it? It's called marram grass. Their big roots play an important part in keeping the sand dunes steady, so something of an unsung hero of sandy beaches.

4. Blackpool is the most popular seaside resort in the UK!

A crab at Blackpool beach

The beach in Blackpool is home to three different piers, the famous Blackpool Tower and the biggest rollercoaster in the UK! Sounds like an excellent day out to us. After you've visited Beanotown, obviously.

5. A beach in the USA has purple sand!

Pfeiffer Beach in the USA

Pfeiffer Beach is in the Big Sur area of California and is famous for its purple sands. The colour of the sand is thanks to a mineral called manganese which is found in nearby hills. There was talk of making the sand on Beanotown's beach into red and black stripes but it was decided it would be impossible to do.

6. There's an actual place called Pig Beach!

There's a place in the Bahamas called Exuma, where pigs live on Big Major Cay. No-one else lives on the island apart from the pigs, except for a few cats and goats. It's Rasher's dream holiday destination!

7. The shortest beach is in Spain!

There's an inland beach in Northern Spain called Playa de Gulpiyuri and is not connected to a river. It is a sinkhole just 100 metres from the Cantabrian Sea and measures just 40 metres in length!

8. Australia has a LOT of beaches!

Australia's coastline measures just over 16,000 miles, so it's no surprise that it's home to around 12,000 beaches. That's a lot of room to build sandcastles. There's 1 beach in Beanotown.

9. A jellyfish is not made of jelly... or even a fish!

Despite their name, jellyfish actually invertebrates, which means they have no backbone. They don't have a brain, heart or lungs either! Scientists have discovered fossils which are over 500 million years old and that means they're even older than dinosaurs!

10. The longest UK beach is in Bournemouth!

Bournemouth beach is 7 miles long. It has been described as "so clean" by one person on the TripAdvisor review site, and also has an awesome pier which boasts amusements and an indoor climbing wall!