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10 Magnificent Movie Facts You May Not Know!

What's better than a good movie? A good list of movie facts, that's what!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  August 1st 2022

Phil E.S. Dogg loved his trip to the cinema so much, he's become obsessed with all sorts of movie trivia. He's listed all his favourite facts on a piece of paper and asked us to post them on So, without any further ado, here are 10 awesome film facts to share with your friends like a bucket of popcorn!

1. The actor who played Chewbacca was 220 Beanos tall!

Let's kick things off with a Star Wars fact! The original Chewbacca actor was called Peter Mayhew. He was 7 feet 3 inches tall, or 220 Beanos high! If anyone needed something from a high shelf or a lightbulb changing, we expect they politely asked Mr. Mayhew for a hand. Or paw, depending on whether he was in costume or not.

2. A snow expert was used during the making of Frozen!

Snow is especially to animate, which is why the film makers called in a snow expert to help them with the film! Animators needed to animate hundreds of snowflakes and countless icy scenes, and they wanted to get the look just right, so they made sure they had the best person for the job. The hard worked paid off, and the finished film looks like a winter wonderland – in fact, it makes us cold just looking at it! Hey, that's snow business!

3. The Lion King almost had a different title!

The Lion King was originally going to be called King of The Jungle – until the producers realised that lions don't live in the jungle.

4. Walt Disney's favourite song was from Mary Poppins!

Not only was Feed The Birds his favourite song from the film, it was his favourite song of all time! Even years later, Disney would phone up the Sherman brothers, who wrote the song, and ask them to play it for him. According to them, he wouldn't even have to name the song, they already knew exactly what he was talking about!

5. The Little Mermaid animators named a colour after Ariel!

Tin cans with paint

Disney's art team made a special shade for Ariel's mermaid fin, and named the blue-green blend after the part-fish star! We don't think it's available in DIY shops, so you'll just have to get a close match.

6. The Avengers broke a Marvel record!

A cinema watching a Marvel style movie

The Avengers was the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to make over ONE BILLION DOLLARS at cinemas across the world! We expect everyone at Marvel was really pleased!

7. Monsters, Inc. tricked us all!

While Mike and Sully called their new pal Boo, it wasn't actually her real name. Who'd name their child after the sound a ghost makes? It's actually Mary Gibbs, which is the name of the actor who did her voice. In the film, you can see that she's written her name on some of her drawings.

8. Seven owls appeared in Harry Potter!

Why have one owl on a film set when you can have SEVEN? A team of wise owls were used to portray Hedwig during the course of the Harry Potter story. They all were called Hedwig, too! Not really. They were called Oops, Swoops, Oh Oh, Gizmo, Kasper, Bandit, and Elmo.

9. It would take millions of balloons to lift up the house in Up!

The animators at Pixar worked out it would take 23.5 million balloons to lift Carl Fredricksen's into the air. It was decided that would be too many balloons for the animators, so they twisted the rules ever so slightly and used between 10,297 and 20,622 balloons for different scenes.

10. Encanto is the second Disney film with a non-English title!

A person watching Encanto
Encanto | Disney Studios | Clark Spencer, Yvett Merino | Byron Howard, Jared Bush

The last Disney film to have a non-English title was Saludos Amigos, which was made in 1942! Disney wanted to have a Spanish title because the word doesn't directly translate, and they didn't want to lose any of the meaning with an English title.