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10 Minute Make โ€“ Toilet Roll Slingshot

You snooze, you LOO-se!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  August 31st 2017

To make Minnie's toilet roll slingshot, you will need: 2 toilet roll tubes, 2 elastic bands, a pencil, scissors, some sticky tape and your fave ammo - marshmallows work well!

Step 1

Cut down the length of one of the toilet roll tubes and tuck one of the ends inside the other. Use a bit of sticky tape to hold it in place. You should now have a smaller tube which will fit inside the uncut toilet roll.ย 

Step 2

Get some help from a grown-up to make 2 holes on either side of your smaller tube, about 2 centimetres from the end. You could use a hole punch for this. Next, slide the pencil right through the tube as shown.

Step 3

Now cut 2 slits on each side of the other rube. Loop the elastic bands through these slits.ย 

Step 4

Slide the bigger tube over the smaller one and loop the elastic bands around the ends of the pencil. Your toilet roll slingshot is ready to use! Top tip: iIt works really well with marshmallows!