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10 Things You Need to Know About Gnasher!

Want to know some awesome stuff about Beantown's coolest hound? Look no further!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 12th 2018

1. Gnasher is Dennis's pet dog and his best friend!

2. He is brave, and he's super loyal

3.  He'd never abandon Dennis!

4. He's an Abyssinian Wire-haired Tripe Hound from East Africa!

5. Gnasher's teeth are stronger than any cement mixer!

6. Sausages are never safe around him!

7. Gnasher is home to millions of fleas!

8. He disguises himself as Dennis's backpack – so he can sneak into school!!

9. He loves adventures, pranking, hanging out with friends – and having a BLAM time!

10. He's the dancer and occasional maracas-shaker in the Dinmakers – Beanotown's fastest AND loudest garage band!

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