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Have You Played Top Cards?

It's the new Blam-tastic card game sweeping Beanotown, and it's taken Bash Street School by storm! So to celebrate DGU2, why not test your Beano brain?

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How well do you know Dennis?

Dennis and Gnasher are unleashed! Again!! Prepare yourself for season 2 of Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed with our awesome Dennis Trivia Quiz

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Play Xtreme Dennis!

Dennis is practising for Beanotown Xtreme Games! Can you help him get his best ever run? Play now!

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DGU Series 1 Catch-Up!

It's just a normal day in Beanotown. Or is it?! Sneak a look at some BLAM-tastic adventures from Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!

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