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11 Question How Aquarius Are You Quiz?

Just how Aquarius Are You? Take the quiz and find out once and for all if you're an absolutely authentic Aquarian!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 8th 2022

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius... or is it? Well one thing we do know is that Aquarians are pretty awesome. In fact you don’t even need to be born Aquarius to be like an Aquarian! But how Aquarian are you? Take this zodiac-tastic quiz to find out! For more astrological quizzery take a peek at the Ultimate Zodiac Sign Quiz, or perhaps find out Who Is Your Perfect Zodiac Match!


Pick a colour…

2/11 Gemstone with eyes and mouth

Pick a precious stone!


Pick a flower!

4/11 Rubber chicken and wolf

Pick an animal!

5/11 Aries symbol

Pick an element!

6/11 Friends

How would your friends describe you?

7/11 Pineapple in front of Aquarius constellation

What is your weakness?

8/11 Woman wondering

What is your ideal job?

9/11 Woman lying on beach

What would you most like to do on holiday?

10/11 Woman looking through telescope

Fave weather?

11/11 Woman looking at calender

And finally... What number do you like the best?



It seems your the Anti-Aquarius! You may be something special, but Aquarian isn't it. You're a mystery shrouded in an enigma!



You’re Non-Aquarius! Though you may not be an actual Aquarian, you certainly don’t mind hanging out with them!

A Bit Aquarius!

A Bit Aquarius!

You’re a bit Aquarius! While you’re not FULLY Aquarius you certainly have some Aquarian traits. Nice!

Full Aquarius!

Full Aquarius!

You’re full Aquarius! Even if you’re not an Aquarian, you are (if that makes sense)! This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius for you anyhow. Nice!