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11 Question What Should I Wear Today Quiz!

If you’re deep down in a fashion hole and looking for a new look for the new year, what better place to start than this clothes-conscious quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 1st 2022

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How would you describe yourself?


How would your friends describe you?


What’s streaming on Spotify?


What’s your favourite animal?


What’s your favourite shop?


What’s your favourite subject at school?

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Who’s your favourite celeb from this list?


Favourite colour combo?


Favourite pattern?


Favourite fabric


The all important question: How do you like your toast?

Pantomime Horse

It seems you and your friends are always up for a giggle (and laughing yourself hoarse) so why not call up your back or front friend and go for the full pantomime horse outfit today!

Vintage Cool

You’re a sustainable eco-champion but that doesn’t mean you need to dress like you’ve been living wild in the woods for the last six months. Why not check out your local charity and second hand shops for some cool vintage outfits!

Kid Boss

You’re ready to take on the world of business. Why not dress for success with a suit and tie!

Rebel Yell

You don’t care what anybody thinks so just go for it! Clashing colours? YES! Ripped clothes? YES! Offensive Slogan T-Shirt? Not if we’re going to Grandma’s but otherwise YES!