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Christmas Movies | The top 5 from Beano

There are lots of great ones, but these are a few of the greatest

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 14th 2017


What's it about? A human is raised at the North Pole thinking he's an elf. When he goes out into the human world to find his roots, he pretty much gets hit, belches and throws up a lot. It's great!What's the best bit? Buddy the Elf being sick in a bin

Elf | New Line Cinema | Jon Favreau | Jon Berg | Todd Komarnicki | Shauna Robertson

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What's it about? A spooky meeting of Christmas and Halloween, as the monstrous residents of Halloween Town learn about ChristmasWhat's the best bit? The main character, Jack Skellington, has a ghost dog called Zero, and he's just great

The Nightmare Before Christmas | Buena Vista Pictures Distribution | Henry Selick | Tim Burton | Denise Di Novi

Home Alone

What's it about? A kid who gets left behind when his family go on holiday for Christmas, learns some burglars are planning on breaking into his house and decides to leave traps for themWhat's the best bit? There are loads, but it's hard to beat the bit when the burglars get hit in the face repeatedly with tins of paint

Home Alone | 20th Century Fox | Chris Columbus | John Hughes

A Muppet Christmas Carol

What's it about? Charles Dickens' famous old book A Christmas Carol (so you get to tell your parents it's educational) as retold by the Muppets and Oscar-winning actor Sir Michael CaineWhat's the best bit? The song One More Sleep Til Christmas is great

A Muppet Christmas Carol | Walt Disney Pictures | Brian Henson | Martin G. Baker

Arthur Christmas

What's it about? Santa's clumsy son and his attempts to save the day when Christmas goes wrong. It was made by the same people who made Wallace & GromitWhat's the best bit? Santa's super high-tech spaceship is really, really cool. But the reindeer with the cone around its neck is our favourite.Next check out these Amazing Christmas Jumpers!

Arthur Christmas | Columbia Pictures | Sarah Smith | Steve Pegram
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