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7 Awesome Games Done Quick Clips!

The world's most talented speed-runners are beating games in world record time - live and for charity! Here's some of the most impressive feats we saw at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 21st 2018

Skyrim: Horse tilting!

Skyrim has a bunch of weird tricks you need to use if you want to complete it quickly. Taller characters move much faster, so playing as a High Elf can shave some seconds off your time. But the fastest way of moving around Skyrim is by... tilting a horse. In the clip, streamer Wall of Spain uses horse tilting to break the game and sprint like Usain Bolt after four packs of Haribo.(The second fastest way of travelling round the world is to make a guard take you straight to jail!)

Games Done Quick | YouTube

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: Deep Trouble

Speedrunners know the games inside and out! A lot of them know the game so well that they know when platforms and enemies will appear even before they're on screen. In this Crash Bandicoot run, speedrunner JHobz carefully times his movements to hit the best 'cycle' of rotating obstacles, so he can zip straight through!

Games Done Quick | YouTube

Super Mario 3D World: Raw Skill

A lot of speed-runs rely on finding ways to trick the game into letting you skip whole sections. Other runs just rely on pure platforming skill! This run on Super Mario 3D World is just based on being really, really, really good at the game, as this clip from Peteyboo shows!

Games Done Quick | YouTube

Disney's Aladdin: Crazy Capes!

This game came out in 1993! That's a lot of practice time for speedrunners, so it's no surprise they've found some crafty ways of playing the game super quickly! In this run, Le Hulk mashes mashes mashes the glide button - because every time he does so he saves himself a fraction of a second! Over the course of a run, all those microseconds add up to big differences.

Games Done Quick | YouTube

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle level skip!

The game might be nearly 16 YEARS old now but there's still lots of excitement in watching people complete the whole game in Sonic speed! In this clip streamer A_Moustache has a really small chance of being able to skip part of the level Crazy Gadget - and manages to do it even though he's on stage! Look at the top right video for the skip, then watch the crowd go crazy! Gotta go fast!

Games Done Quick | YouTube

Batman Arkham Asylum: What A Hero!

Sometimes speed-runs rely on you doing something that just doesn't make sense! In this clip from cojosao's run at Batman Arkham Asylum, watch as Batman runs into a room full of bad guys... and then just runs out again through a different door! What a hero!

Games Done Quick | YouTube

Owlboy: Out of Bounds!

Wouldn't it be cool if you could just bounce out of the world and walk back in somewhere else? It'd be much faster - especially if you're stuck behind old people on the pavement. Well, in this run of Owlboy, Zic3 shows exactly how much time you can save by breaking the game and going outside the level!