Have You Spotted These 8 Secrets Hidden in Disney Movies!

Did you know Disney movies are full of secrets! Check out the video below to discover some of the sneakiest hidden gems from Disney films!

Did you know that Rapunzel and Flynn can be spotted in Frozen?!

Image by Frozen | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast is in Tarzan!

Image by Tarzan | Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

In Lion King they used tiger roars instead of lions because tiger roars are louder!

Image by The Lion King | Buena Vista Pictures

The dwarfs in Snow White almost had different names! They could have been called Jumpy, Deafy, Dizzy Wheezy, Nifty and Sniffy (and they weren't the only other suggestions)

Image by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | RKO Radio Pictures

WALL-E is named after Walt Elias Disney!

Image by WALL-E | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In Tangled Cinderella's wheel appears in Rapunzel's room

Image by Tangled | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Cinderella | RKO Radio Pictures

In Up, Lotso from Toy Story 3 is hidden in this girl's room!

Image by Up | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In The Princess and the Frog, there's a familiar face at the festival... it's Lord Triton from The Little Mermaid!

Image by The Princess and the Frog | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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