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9 Steven Universe Gem Fusions

It can get very con-FUSE-ing keeping track of all the Steven Universe fusions, so here's a handy guide. Get to know the Steven Universe gems that bit better!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 4th 2017

Steven Universe Gems: Garnet

It's easy to forget that she's not one gem but actually a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, which obviously makes her doubly awesome!

Steven Universe Fusions: Opal

The giant woman is made up of Pearl and Amethyst

Steven Universe Fusions: Sardonyx

Pearl and Garnet make for an annoying, yet fabulous combination

Steven Universe Fusions: Sugilite

Whereas Garnet and Amethyst's fusion is pure destructive fun!

Steven Universe Fusions: Malachite

Not all fusions are good. Poor Lapis Lazuli gets caught up with the evil Jasper to form a terrifying fusion!

Steven Universe Fusions: Alexandrite

Luckily she's no match for the strength of all three of the Crystal Gems combined!

Steven Universe Fusions: Smokey Quartz

Steven's fusions are obviously the best though! Check out their sweet yo-yo skills when he fuses with Amethyst.

Steven Universe Fusions: Stevonnie

Or his incredible dancing when he's fused with Connie!

Steven Universe Fusions: The Crystal Temple

The temple is rumoured to be based on the form that the Crystal Gems took together with Rose Quartz back when she was alive. We can only imagine how epic that fusion was!

Steven universe crystal temple

Just one question remains...

When are we going to see the fusion of Steven and Lion?!

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