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20 AI-Mazing Artificial Intelligence Jokes!

These jokes have been algorithmically tested and approved to cause maximum mirth and merriment!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 22nd 2024

Let's face it, these jokes are WAY too funny for humans to keep to themselves! Laugh along at the ups and downs of artificial intelligence with twenty hilarious AI-based jokes and puns! And if you're looking for more perfectly generated giggles, why not try some computer science jokes? Or some coding jokes? Or even some engineering jokes!

Why was ChatGPT arrested?

It knew too much!

How is OpenAI improving ChatGPT?

Bit by bit!

Why did the AI go to therapy?

It was having trouble processing human emotions!

Why did the large language model cross the road?

To get to the other dataset!

Why was ChatGPT bad at chess?

Because every time it said “check”, the system thought it was an error!

What do you call a Generative AI that’s been trained on too much Shakespeare?

Google Bard!

I joked to my wife that AI was in EVERYTHING now!

She laughed, I laughed, the fridge laughed…

“Did you hear that Old McDonald’s farm has been taken over by artificial intelligence?”

“AI?” “AI!” “Oh.”

I used AI to write my life story…

I guess you could call it an auto-biography!

What does an AI like to eat for breakfast?


Why did Siri go on holiday?

To recharge her batteries!

What’s the opposite of Artificial Intelligence?

Real Stupidity!

How did the AI eat its cheeseburger?

With micro-chips!

Why didn’t Alexa want to be Prime Minister?

She thought she was better suited as Speaker of the House!

Did you hear about the engineering student who invented an AI to do his exams for him?

The AI invented a second AI!

Did you hear they made an AI Oreo?

It’s one smart cookie!

What do you call an AI who can take pictures of itself?


What do you get when you cross a wall unit with an AI programme?

Shelf awareness!

Why should you always be nice to ChatGPT?

It’s very self-conscious!

If an AI simulation of a popstar does concerts all over the world…

Does it mean she’s passed the Touring Test?