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Am I Like Olivia Rodrigo Quiz

Want to find out if you're Sour, or if you have Guts? This is the quiz for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 18th 2024

If you love Olivia Rodrigo, you're just dying to find out how closely your personalities match! This quiz will let you know - answer the questions, and we'll tell you! Don't forget to check out our other Olivia Rodrigo stuff - why not see which song you are, or pick some emojis and find out your fave song!


Do you love music?


Which US state is your favourite?

The Owl House | Disney Channel | Disney Television Animation

What's you're favourite Disney Channel original series?


Do you like creative writing?

Olivia Rodrigo |

Do you believe in always being yourself?


What's your favourite music genre?


Do you like to support charity and serious issues?

Tangled | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures | Roy Conli | Nathan Greno, Byron Howard

Who's your favourite Disney heroine?


Which life event are you most looking forward to?


Choose a colour!

Olivia Rodrigo |

Not at all!

You're not much like Olivia at all - but that's totally cool! You follow your own dreams, and you could be a totally different star one day!

Olivia Rodrigo |

A little!

You have a few things in common with Olivia! You love music for one - but you also have a totally unique personality like no other!

Olivia Rodrigo |

A lot!

You're a lot like Olivia - you both love music, you're both great writers, and you're both totally and utterly unique!

Olivia Rodrigo |

Totally twins!

You and Olivia have SO much in common, it's actually sort of scary! Either you're actually secretly her, or you're just totally and utterly in sync!