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Only True Apple & Onion Fans Can Ace This Quiz!

How much do you know about the awesome cartoon, Apple and Onion? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 10th 2022

Apple and Onion is a cartoon which follows the adventures and misadventures of an apple and onion, which makes sense really. How much do you know about this show? Do you think you could get a perfect score? Why not test your trivia by taking this quiz?

Good luck!

1/10 An apple being picked from the tree

Who does Apple share an apartment with?

2/10 A spring onion in a park

What sport is Onion good at?

3/10 A pizza with a bad attitude

Where does Pizza work?

4/10 A jar of mayonnaise in a New York street

What is the mayor's name?

5/10 Candy floss

Who becomes jealous when Onion makes friends with Cotton Candy?

6/10 A falafel

What is Falafel's connection to the main characters?

7/10 A bottle of ketchup at a diner

In which episode do we first meet Ketchup?

8/10 A French fry with a blob of ketchup on the end

What colour shoes does French Fry wear?

9/10 A big hamburger

Who is Burger's best friend?

10/10 A chicken nugget wearing a police hat

In which episode did Chicken Nugget first appear?

Result: Oh no
Cartoon Network

Oh no! Were you too busy laughing at the idea of talking fruit and vegetables to fully focus on the quiz? Have another go!

Result: Good try
Cartoon Network

Good try! Some tricky questions on offer here. Not the result you wanted? Take the quiz again. Both Apple and Onion believe in you!

Result: Great work
Cartoon Network

Great work! Someone's clearly a fan of Apple & Onion. If you took the quiz again, do you think you'd get a perfect score? Why not find out?

Result: Wow
Cartoon Network

Wow! You must have watched every episode several times to get a score like this. You should be very proud of yourself!