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Take a peek inside this 1950's annual, filled with comic strips and adventure stories!

1953 Beano Annual

This annual cover is packed with all the Beano favourites - from Jack Flash chasing Jimmy (and his magic patch), to Lord Snooty and Pansy Potter holding a trampoline to catch them. There's even an early version of Dennis the Menace - can you spot him?

cover beano book 1953 annual

Welcome to the Beano Book

Biffo, Ding Dong Belle, Dennis, and Willie (without his Wonder Gun) are giving Tom Thumb a ride of his life, with their own tornado in a tub! This page shows a variety of how just different densities of red ink can create colour and texture. 

welcome beano book biffo ding dong belle 1953 annual

Dennis the Menace

Dennis first appeared in the weekly comic in March 1951. Because the Beano Book was planned 18 months in advance, his earliest annual appearance was in the 1953 title. He was an instant hit, wearing his recognisable stripes very early on.

dennis the menace beano book 1953 annual

Jack Flash and the Terrible Twins

Beano rarely tackled science fiction, but with the rockets and superpowers, the "Flying Family from Mercury" are the exception. Luke Skywalker might get jealous of that 'sky-car' though - Jack's speeder wouldn't look out of place in the next Star Wars film!.

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