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Are These The World’s Funniest Selfie Fails?

How can you make sure your picture's perfect? Try losing the farting cats, for a start!

Taking a selfie can be pretty tricky. There’s so much to remember! Smile? Check. Hair combed? Check. Cat bum in front of the camera?

Wait, what? Cat bum? Yep, taking a selfie is tricky and so much can go wrong. 

So to help you work out the best way to photograph yourself, we’ve put together a gallery of photo no-nos to ensure you look picture perfect next time you’re in front of the camera.

Get animals the right way round

Everyone likes to see a dog’s face, but a dog’s bottom? No way, that’s the smelly end! Get it out of there!

Ensure the area is safe for selfies

It’s important to make sure you look calm and relaxed when you take a selfie. So spiders? Not a good look!


It’s easy to forget, what with all the farting horses, but sometimes you just gotta think happy thoughts and show those pearly whites.