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Are You a Norris Nut?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Just how much do you know about the Norris Nuts? Try our fiendishly difficult quiz and see if you're a true Nut or not!

1/12 The Norris Nuts
Norris Nuts | YouTube

Who's the second oldest Nut?

2/12 Birthday dog and cupcake

When is Sockie's birthday?

3/12 Guinea pig and hamster

What pet does Nat really want?

4/12 Surfer with holiday sloth

Who's a surfing champion?

5/12 The Norris Nuts
Norris Nuts | YouTube

What year did the Nuts start making videos?

6/12 Boy kicking football with face

What is Justin Norris famous for?

7/12 Biggy Norris
Norris Nuts | YouTube

What's Biggy's middle name?

8/12 Nuts and question mark

What are Norris Nuts fans called?

9/12 Sockie Norris
Norris Nuts | YouTube

What's Sockie's real name?

10/12 Sydney harbour with smiley dolphin

Which part of Australia are they from?

11/12 Chess pieces and pineapple

What is their song 'We Play All Night Long' about?

12/12 The Norris Nuts
Norris Nuts | YouTube

Which show did Sabre appear on when she was younger?

Norris Nuts | YouTube

You're a Norris Nut! You know everything about this wacky family and you've proved yourself a true nut!


You're a peanut! You're not quite a Norris Nut but you still know loads about them! Well done!


You're a pistachio nut! You know a bit about the Norros Nuts but you don't quite make it to their nutty level! Try again!


You're a macadamia nut! Uh oh, a macadamia is as far from a Norris Nut as you can get! (While still being a Nut) Have another go!