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Are You Brave Enough to Watch 1 Minute of These Scary Spiders?

They're creepy, they're crawly and they run really fast - so do you think you can handle watching these amazing arachnids?

Spiders. They’re more scared of you than you’re scared of them, right? Well, that depends how brave you are.

Because while spiders are our friends, they can also look pretty creepy and if you’re spooked by 8-legged critters, then you might find this video challenging to watch!

That’s because we’ve stuffed as many scary spiders into a minute as possible and we want to know if you’re tough enough to handle it – so do you reckon you can give it a go?


What makes creepy-crawlies so creepy and crawly? All those legs, that’s what! And while spiders may not have as many legs as the magnificent millipede, those 8 limbs alone are enough to get many of us in a tizzy.


Spider-Man may be a top web-slinger but the real talent lies with the arachnids themselves. And if you’ve ever found yourself entangled in their silky threads, you’ll know exactly what we mean.


2 eyes are good enough for us humans so why do spiders need so many themselves? Well, if you had to catch flies for supper, then maybe having 8 eyes would be useful for you, too. But as it is, Dad’s probably making bangers and mash for tea so chances are, you won’t need spider-sight to fill your belly with grub.

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