Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Is Being Haunted By a Spider!

The Harry Potter author has an eight-legged infestation to deal with!

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has a new nemesis: a spider!

She posted this picture of its handiwork on Twitter

J.K. Rowling's spiderweb-covered door handles
Image by Twitter | @jkrowling

"Every single morning for the past few weeks I've had to break a cobweb to get through my writing room doors," she wrote.

"I have so many questions. Is it the same spider? Why is it never there when I turn up? Has it not noticed that webs woven between these handles never survive? Does it, on some subconscious level, seek failure? Or is it sending a message about persistence in the face of overwhelming odds? Every morning, I sit down thinking about the web I've just broken. That is the spider's bleak victory."

J.K. Rowling with a spider on her face
Image by Twitter | @jkrowling

It's not her first arachnid encounter!

Last month, she shared this photo of a massive spider that she had to get her husband to trap under a glass

J.K. Rowling's other spider
Image by Twitter | @jkrowling

There's only one possible explanation for all these spider attacks...


Image by Warner Bros.

And what does Aragog have...?


Media by Giphy / Warner Bros
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Media by Giphy / Warner Bros
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Good luck with your spider, infestation, J.K. Rowling!

And heed Hagrid's words...

Image by Warner Bros

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