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Are You Cottagecore? Find Out With Our Ultimate Aesthetic Quiz!

Are you secretly a little old lady living in the woods? Find out how Cottagecore you really are with this cozy aesthetic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 2nd 2023

Cottagecore is all the rage! And so it should be… because who doesn't like nature, arts and crafts and being cozy? But do you live for pressing flowers and stroking that really soft bit on horse's noses? Or maybe you just like the way it looks - and secretly listen to metal when no-one's watching?

So how cottagecore are you really? Answer these questions and we'll tell you!


Pick a Taylor Swift album:

2/10 A puzzled man

It's cold out there in the countryside! What will you wear to stay warm?


Where would you rather go on holiday?


What are you wearing on your feet?


What's the first animal that comes to mind?

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What's your favourite shade of brown?


Pick a season:

8/10 Avocado toast

What would you rather have with your dinner?


What pet would you rather have?


What's your favourite hobby?

Totally cottagecore

You're totally cottagecore!

Your aesthetic is totally based on cottagecore - you love nature, being sustainable and spending time outdoors. Or curled up reading in front of a fire! Doing cottage-y things is where you're happiest, and you pretty much never see a reason to hang out in the "modern world". Right? If you don't think this is the best fit for you, have another go and see if you get a different resut!

Very cottagecore

You're VERY cottagecore!

You love anything and everything that's cottagecore! The music, the hobbies, being in nature, dressing up in cozy wool and going for walks... it's your favourite aesthetic! You do still sometimes like some more modern things though, and you don't have any plans to move to a farm just yet! But maybe one day...?

Pretty cottagecore

You're a bit cottagecore!

You like cottagecore, but it's not the perfect fit for you. Sure, you like nature and being cozy (who doesn't?) but you don't want to buy new wooly clothes just to look the part. And there are plenty of cool modern things you still like. Right? If you don't think this is the right result, have another go and see if you get a different resut!

Not cottagecore at all

You're not cottagecore at all!

OK - so you might quite like some of Taylor Swift's songs... but apart from that you're really not cottagecore! Spending loads of time in the countryside just reading and doing cosy stuff? Boring! Or is it? If you think you actually ARE more cottagecore than this, just have another go and see if you get a different result!