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Aesthetic Quiz: Are You Indie? Or Just Hot Windy?

Have you ever wondered just how indie your vibe was? Well here’s the place to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 3rd 2023

An aesthetic is way more than the style of clothes you like, or how floppy your hair is, it’s a point of view and a way of being. A crab doesn’t know it has a crab aesthetic, it just does it! So let's see if you're a true indie, or just an indie in fashion! Let’s go!


How do you like to have your hair?


What is your favourite instrument?


What is your favourite hot drink?


What do you eat for breakfast?


Which guitar chord is your favourite?


A famous band is coming to town, but you haven’t got a ticket, what do you do?


Choose your spirit animal…


If you had to wear a neck-tie, how would you?


What is your favourite type of shoe?


When choosing clothes, what do you pick?

Not Indie at all!

Okay, so judging by your answers, you’re not really that much of an indie. Or at least not a full blown, no-holds barred kind of indie! Maybe your hair is floppy, but it could be way floppier! But that’s not a bad thing, remember the most important thing is just to be yourself!

Low-Key Indie!

Right, so you’re pretty deep into the indie aesthetic, but you’re still being a bit careful about going all the way! It’s a big commitment and one that might change your life! You’re probably more of an indie than 50% of the population, which is pretty cool - but don’t forget, so long as you’re true to yourself, nothing can go wrong!

Really very Indie!

You are right up there with the biggest indie fans in the world - the choices you made make that very clear! You’re easily more of an indie than at least 75% of the entire world’s population, which is pretty good going! You know your style and how to show it off! Nice one!

So Indie it's unbelievable!

You’re so indie it’s almost unbelievable! There’s nothing in the world of floppy hair and sweet guitar licks that you don’t understand at a deep and real level! If the other indies don’t know what to do, they call on you! Have you thought about starting a band?