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Are You Mirabel or Moana?

Mirabel vs Moana. Find out which Disney girl you’re most like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 3rd 2022

We know a girl from an island. She stands apart from the crowd. She loves the sea and her people. She makes her whole family proud… Does all this sound familiar? Are we talking about you or Moana here? Or are you more walking alone, always wanting more, longing to shine like Mirabel? Find out once and for all, which one of Mirabel or Moana you are most like?


Half term holidays. What are you doing?


2/10 Which picture makes you feel calmest?


Pick your favourite song!


4/10 Which colour blue do you prefer?


5/10 Which animal would you rather be?


Complete the sentence: My bedroom is…

7/10 Black Panther and Captain Marvel in a New York street

Pick your favourite super hero?


What’s your party vibe?


Your first day at a new school. What do you do?


Which film do you prefer?

Encanto | Walt Disney Animation | Walt Disney Studios | Bush, Howard


Sometimes it might just feel like you’re just a face in the crowd, but that’s not true. Just like Mirabel you’re waiting for your chance to shine. Everybody’s magical in their own way and you’re no different!

Moana | Walt Disney Animation | Walt Disney Studios | Musker, Clements

You’re Moana!

Like Moana you believe life is for living! There’s no adventure you won’t shy away from even if others think you can’t do it! There’s only one person who knows what your truly able to , and that’s you!