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Quiz: How Strong is your Luisa Encanto Trivia?

Tougher than the crust of the earth… It’s our Luisa Encanto Quiz. Can YOU beat it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 12th 2022

Luisa is one of our favourite characters in Disney’s Encanto. She’s not your average middle child - in fact this bodybuilder is the rock of the family! How much do you know about Luisa from Encanto? Warning: This quiz is as tough as Luisa herself!


What’s Luisa as tough as?


What happens to Luisa when she gets nervous?

3/10 A man singing

What is the name of Luisa’s song?

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4/10 Which beast of burden features heavily during Luisa’s song, Surface Pressure?


What is Luisa’s surname?


What does she move?


Who is Luisa’s younger sister?

@jessicadarrow | Instagram

What is the name of the actress that sings Surface Pressure?


Which ancient hero is mentioned during the song Surface Pressure?


Why would Mirabel “give it to her sister”?

Encanto | Walt Disney | Walt Disney | Bush, Howard

We don’t talk about who!? You obviously haven’t seen Encanto! Try again (but watch the movie first)

Encanto | Walt Disney | Walt Disney | Bush, Howard

Not bad! You’ve seen Encanto once maybe. Try again to move up the Encanto fan rankings!

Encanto | Walt Disney | Walt Disney | Bush, Howard

Epic! You’ve seen Encanto many times… Welcome to the Encanto fan club! Try again for the maximum score!

Encanto | Walt Disney | Walt Disney | Bush, Howard

Genius Level Encanto Superfan! Welcome to the A-List Fan Club!