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Do You Prefer The Harry Potter Books or Movies?

Are you a bookworm or a film buff? Find out here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 6th 2023

You're a total Potterhead, but do you know whether you're more of a book or a movie person? Have you read every HP book a billion times, or do you only know the movie versions? Not to worry - with our magical personality quiz you can find out which one aligns with your personality! Don't forget our other Potter quizzes - find out what % Gryffindor you are, your Potter soulmate, or figure out which of the movies you should watch right now!


Let's start out easy - do you usually prefer books or films?

2/10 A cat and a cauldron

Which class is better?

3/10 A goblet and a potato

Who's the more interesting character in Goblet of Fire?

4/10 A very tall man standing on an empty road

Remember when Hagrid went to see the giants?

5/10 A person looking at a magical doorway in the middle of a dessert

Do you reckon you could pass your apparition test?


Do you like Kreacher?

7/10 A very old street

Pick a house to live in

8/10 A dragon next to a collection of potions

Pick a potion

9/10 Tentacles poking out of a loch while a spider watches

Would you rather...

10/10 Dobby on the beach

What's the saddest part of the whole HP story?

Result: Books


You're a big fan of the Harry Potter books! Your knowledge of the world is really deep and you know the lore really well. You're probably a big reader in general as well.

Result: Movies


You're more of a movie buff! You like the visuals that go with the story, and you probably own a visual guide to the films! Maybe you've got a career in filmmaking ahead of you!