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Bunkerton Castle and the Keyring of Doom. Quiz

Help Phil get to Bunkerton Castle gift shop before it closes!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 30th 2023

No visit to Beanotown is complete without a trip to Bunkerton Castle, the ancestral home of Lord Snooty! While a visit to this historic home makes for a fun day out, the best part of the day is a walk through its famous gift shop, where you can buy a cool keyring – there's nothing doom-y about it. It was just a fun way of giving your day Grizzly Griller levels of adventure. There's lots to plan as it's a big place to look around. Can you pack everything into one visit? Let's find out...

1/10 Phil ES Dogg in the garden

It’s a new day in Beanotown. What time do you plan to go to Bunkerton Castle?

2/10 Gnasher give a packed lunch the thumbs down

Will you make a packed lunch before you go?

3/10 Phil ES Dogg and Gnasher in the street

How will you get there?

4/10 Phil ES Dogg inside a castle

How long do you plan to look around once you’re inside the castle?

5/10 A stately home

You’ve arrived at the castle. What’s the first thing you do?

6/10 Phil ES Dogg and Gnasher at Bunkerton Castle

How would you like to learn about the castle during your visit?

7/10 Phil ES Dogg and Gnasher in an armour room

The security guard has gone for lunch. Do you…

8/10 Phil ES Dogg and Gnasher playing hide and seek in the Bunkerton Castle gardens

There’s time to look around the gardens. What do you do while you’re outside?

9/10 Gnasher running in front of an old brick wall

Oh, look at the time! Where are you in the castle and how far is it to the gift shop?

10/10 Gnasher and Phil ES Dogg at the gift shop

How will you get to the gift shop in time?

Result: Oh dear

The shop has closed!

While you've had a great day out, you've mucked about so much that you didn't realise the time! The gift shop closed ages ago, and if you don't hurry, you'll be locked inside the castle. Hurry!

Result: Quick, the shop's closing!

Quick, the shop's closing!

If you run, you MIGHT just manage to get your paws on a coveted Bunkerton Castle keyring. What have you been doing all day?

Result: You have 10 minutes!

You have 10 minutes!

Your laid back approach to visiting Beanotown's place of historic interest has led to a panicked dash through the gift shop. Right... where are those Bunkerton Castle keyrings?

Result: You made it

You made it!

You arrived at the gift shop in good time. Not only did you get a cool Bunkerton Castle keyring, you got some gifts for your loved ones too. And that's all down to forward planning – essential for a great day out!