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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: Could You Help Beanotown United Win?

Beanotown need someone with blam football skills... and Phil E.S. Dogg happens to have his footie boots with him!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 22nd 2022

Beanotown United are in an important cup match and one of their star players – if you could call them that – has a cold and can't play. Luckily. Phil E.S. Dogg has brought his boots and is match fit. Can you help this four-legged ace guide the team to victory. Take this quiz and find out!

1/10 Red football boots

It’s half an hour before kick off. Which superstition do you have to ensure victory?

2/10 Dennis nervous at a football match

Some of your new teammates are nervous – how do you make them feel better?

3/10 Phil ES Dogg and a football tactics board

What’s your playing style?

4/10 Billy Whizz running through the streets of Beanotown

How fast can you run?

5/10 Phil ES Dogg and Dangerous Dan, controlling a football drone

The other team have scored. What do you?


6/10 There’s a free kick on the edge of the box and you’re taking it. Where you do you kick the ball?

7/10 A sausage on a fork, in front of football fans

Some of the opposition’s supporters are trying to distract you with sausages. How do you deal with this situation?

8/10 Gnasher scoring a goal

Mahira has delivered a perfect cross and it’s coming towards you! What do you do?

9/10 Phil ES Dogg and team tactics

Everyone is tired. How do you inspire your team to keep going?

10/10 Gnasher appearing in the soil in front of a goal

It’s all level and a penalty has been awarded to Beanotown in the last minute! Will you take it?

Result: It's a draw

It’s a draw!

The referee has decided that no-one could possibly win the game as the penalty shoot-out seemed like it was never going to end. They needed to catch the bus home… Still, you didn’t lose. So… that’s a win, right?

Result: Narrow win

A narrow win!

Ooh, that was so close. There was a moment when we thought it was all over for Beanotown. It was a relief when the final whistle went. Well done!

Result: Victory


Thanks to your leadership and silky skills, Beanotown United have won the cup. Get ready to be carried around like a hero!

Result: Bad Luck

Bad luck!

Your team lost by, well… a lot. But you all tried your hardest and that’s what matters!