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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: Could You Survive a Night in BeanoLand?

Phil E.S. Dogg and Gnasher have been trapped in Beanotown's fairground. Can you guide them to safety?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  August 22nd 2022

Beanoland is home of Beanotown's premier fairground rides and attractions. There's an awesome ghost train, a rollercoaster and a coconut shy, as well as loads of tasty snacks. It sounds like a gate has closed and is being locked. Best go and investigate...

1/10 Phil and Gnasher in a fairground

After a great day at Beanoland, you go to the gate and find it's been locked! What do you do?

2/10 Phil E.S. Dogg and a circular background

Don't panic. Are you panicking?


3/10 Check inside your bag. What's the most useful item you've brought?

4/10 Phil and Gnasher in a fairground

This does mean you have the whole amusement park to yourself. What ride will you go on?

5/10 Phil, Gnasher and a ghost in a dark fairground tunnel

You see a spooky figure on the ghost train. What do you do?

6/10 A ghost and Gnasher in a fairground

That ghost is very keen for a chat, aren't they? Where's the best place to hide?

7/10 Gnasher and Phil in the dark

The lights have all been turned off. What's your plan of action?

8/10 Phil and Gnasher in a fairground

Strangely, the snack stalls are still open. What will you eat for a burst of energy?

9/10 A key in a puddle

You find a key on the floor. What do you do with it?

10/10 A ghost in a ghost train car

The ghost appears in a car from the ghost train and sits there, doing nothing. What do you do next?

Result: You did it

You did it!

You managed to survive an evening at Beanoland, using common sense, steely nerves and great team work! Now it's time to enjoy a well-earned rest!

Result: Just escaped

Just escaped!

Phew, that was close! You've learned two things. One, that it's a very good idea to make a note of when a fairground is closing and two, wear a watch. Still, a fun day out!

Result: Ghost pals

Ghost pals!

It turns out that the ghost is friendly and just wanted to hang out with you at the fairground as most people run away screaming when they appear!

Result: Trapped

You're still trapped in the fairground!

Oh no! You're still inside Beanoland and will have to wait until it opens in the morning. Until then, best make use of the free fairground rides!